Make Your Own Signs, Labels,
Decals … In Under Five Minutes.

What is ID-MARK?

ID-MARK® is a photosensitive, water processed imaging material for creating custom signs, labels, nameplates, and decals in less than five minutes.

ID-MARK is ideal for prototyping or on-site, short-run production of signs, labels, plaques and nameplates. Available in aluminum or plastic, each ID-MARK sheet comes pre-applied with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive for easy mounting and finishing. The result is custom, colorful, and chemical resistant identification that is quick and easy to produce on-site.


ID-MARK is ideal for indoor usage, and has an average outdoor life of 5-6 years with a protective overlaminate. Because ID-MARK is imaged with a simple exposure device and developed with water, it can be used at your location to produce nameplates, labels or signs where and when needed.

ID-MARK is also available in photo-luminescent and retro-reflective substrates that can be used for safety and emergency signs.

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Why Use ID-MARK?

Easily Create Custom Identification Easily Create Custom Identification:

Create one-of-a-kind custom ID products with a desktop system.

* Equipment requirement: UV exposure unit.

Quickly create custom identification on-site Quickly Create Custom Identification On-Site:

Just-in-time solution for a large variety of in-plant applications.
Create a variety of custom identification Create a Variety of Custom Identification:

Wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors available.

When To Use ID-MARK?

ID-MARK is ideal for prototyping or for on-site, short-run production signs, labels, plaques, and nameplates.


Nameplates and Label PrototypesPlastic SignsCustom, Short-Run Decals and LabelsPhoto-Luminescent and Retro-Reflective Signage

How to Get ID-MARK?

For pricing information, view the ID-MARK Price List.

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